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FTA aims to provide a high level of service to its customers with rapid and flexible response to their requirements. Therefore FTA is continually engaged in ensuring that

  • Each and every contract/order is comprehensively executed, thereby ensuring a high level of trust and security in line with the requirements and expectations of their principals.
  • Various activities are integrated, thereby checking the progress of the Company in all aspects, with the aim of satisfying the explicit and implicit requirements of Customers.

FTA has nominated a Quality & Safety Assurance Co-ordinator who, independent of other responsibilities, has the specific authority and responsibility to develop, apply, maintain and control the Quality Assurance & Safety Management System, which conforms, where applicable, to UNI EN ISO 9001:2004 & VCA*2004/04 Safety Management System and is documented in the Quality Assurance Manual and relative additional procedures.

All our activities are subjected to the conditions of the Dutch Forwarding Agents (FENEX) latest edition, filed with the registery of the Rotterdam County Court.

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