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From assessing environmental impacts, to raising staff awareness and implementing an Environmental and/or Safety Management System, we can offer you various in-house training programmes:

  • Environmental Awareness training;
  • Waste Management training;
    • Transportation (EU Council Regulation 259/93 and Basel Convention);
    • Storage of hazardous waste;
  • Safety Training;
    • Working with dangerous goods;
    • Usage of personal protection gear;
  • Transportation of dangerous goods as per UN recommendation (Orange book);
    • Road (ADR)
    • Rail (RID)
    • Inland waterway (AND)
  • IATA-regulations (transport of dangerous goods by air);
  • IMDG-regulations (transport of dangerous goods by sea);

 If possible, an on-site consultation will take place in advance to identify examples from your site and operations to be used to illustrate key learning points and to ensure that relevant legislation is incorporated into the workshop(s).

All training programmes will be carried out by officially certified specialists.

Please contact FTA to discuss how we can help you.