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FTA provides consultancy services for organisations looking to improve their environmental performances.

Working with our customers to meet their environmental safety needs through consultancy and our training scheme we and our associates may supply cost effective environmental & safety solutions:

tradingEnvironmental Reviews

We can review your organisation and identify its current environmental baseline and from there plan and instigate an improvement programme.

The initial review includes a desk study of the existing procedures, an environmental audit of the organisations operations, interviewing of staff and analysing the organisation’s operations.

Waste Management

Every kind of production leads in the end to waste of some short. And unfortunately every type of waste has some level of cost associated with it.

We can assist you identifying the various waste streams and with a carefully prepared waste management system minimise the cost for removal of waste to meet the environmental legislations.

Safety Management

Working with hazardous goods requires special attention to safety for humans and also to the environment. Actions are necessary to minimize the threat or even better, to take it away.

We can audit your organisation in identifying the occupational hazards and impacts when handling, storing or transporting dangerous goods. And assist you in the implementation of a safety management system in compliance with the legislations or guidelines.

Please contact FTA to find out how we can assist your company in improving its environmental and safety performance.